About Us

Balance Point Pilates Studio, established 2004, is located in the heart of downtown Davis. We offer Pilates equipment sessions in a variety of formats including: private; semi-private; and small group (3-5 people). We also offer group mat and Barre classes (Barre Class). Class sizes are limited which ensures you will experience consistently high quality, personalized Pilates sessions.

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional Pilates workout every time you step into the studio. At Balance Point we focus on helping you develop and achieve your individual health and fitness objectives by customizing the workouts. So whether you are super fit, getting back into shape, recovering from injury, or looking to improve your golf or tennis game, Pilates will help you meet your goals.

The Balance Point Pilates Studio Difference

Pilates Core Strength

  • We provide a tranquil, private studio environment that allows you to more easily focus on your Pilates practice without distraction. Our certified instructors will lead you through a sequence of exercises that will enable you to develop long, lean muscles, better posture, greater flexibility, and improved balance and stamina.
  • Pilates is great for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is particularly helpful for individuals recovering from injury or for those who suffer from chronic low back pain. They find that Pilates is a valuable tool to decrease pain, gain core strength, and experience overall well-being once again.
  • The advanced education of our instructors and their depth of experience distinguishes our studio from other Pilates venues. At Balance Point we are committed to continuing education and training. We constantly update our skills, knowledge, and abilities to better serve you.
  • Our specialized Pilates equipment is manufactured locally in Sacramento by Balanced Body, the foremost innovator of Pilates apparatus in the US. We offer equipment training on reformer/half trapeze combo units, Wunda chairs, spine correctors, Cadillac, and ladder barrels. Small apparatus including foam rollers, stability balls, rings, BOSU, and therabands are also incorporated to personalize and enhance your workouts.